Scylax Episode 10 – As Subtle As A Sledgehammer

Dumos gets the gang in a heap of trouble. Legaia unwraps more than one secret. Things get a tad spicy. Also, if you want to check out rated F you can find them here

“Follow your heart” neil cross “Now or never” Michael Vignola “Sleeping peacefully” Neil cross “Fairies and pixies” Dominic Hausor “Moving emotional paino hero track” daniel bordovsky “The real mystery” Neil Cross “Battle Warrior Theme, Good and Evil battle music” bobby cole, “epic battle” Marc Teichert, “Edge of the abyss” Valentine Gribanova, “Anthem to the fallen” Vlado Hudec, “McKnight” and “Haldsworth” by Lance Conrad, “Siddhartha” by Lightstream, “Earth Toners” By Bruce Zimmerman

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