Scylax Episode 12 – Blood In the Sand

Legaia settles things with Ergoria, Rhex settles things with Polykles, and Mydon puts things in motion.

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“Scylax” By Andrew Smith “Atmospheric background music 3” by Kieth Anthony Holden “Challenger 30 sec” By Clark Aboud “Battle Warrior Theme, Good and Evil battle music” bobby cole, “epic battle” Marc Teichert, “Edge of the abyss” Valentine Gribanova, “Anthem to the fallen” Vlado Hudec, “McKnight” and “Haldsworth” by Lance Conrad, “Siddhartha” by Lightstream, “Earth Toners” By Bruce Zimmerman “Victory” By Borrtex “Action trailer build up” by Bobby Cole “Before the Fight” by Michael Vignola

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