2 Years….

Wow. That went by really quickly.

Two Years. I have blinked and so much has changed.

Two years ago, in my basement apartment, I pitched a crazy idea for a podcast to a group of unsuspecting players. You’ll roll stats in order and I’ll roll the entire world randomly! It seemed like a crazy idea at the time because it was well, crazy. But soon, it caught fire and we couldn’t stop that train when it left the station. 75 episodes later, a few one shots, and a dash of chaos cubes, we found ourselves in the Abyss, going toe to toe with a Demon, and Eldritch horror, and a old friend. We bottled lightning with the first season. I will never forget that first season and I am proud to wear the Natural 1 on my shoulder every day.

It started with the party being recorded through a blue tooth speaker to my microphone. I learned how to edit audio, manage 5e combat against a group of min maxed characters, and made some new friends along the way. This podcast has now become a source of creative outlet for many people. We share in each others story, celebrate our successes, and work through our failures together. I am so proud of these past two years and the things we have accomplished together.

To everyone in the discord, thank you. Thank you for the memes, your patronage, and encouragement.

To the cast of all of these games, thank you for indulging a raving lunatic like myself. I appreciate your willingness to deal with my strange plot ideas, silly voices, and my ranting about the narrative and abstract concepts.

To the people I haven’t met yet I only have one thing to say. Hello, and welcome to the Natural 1 Podcast.   

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