Scylax Episode 14 – Scrion

Time to finish this.

Check the DMZack show at

Check out the massive combat rules at and their podcast Dice Will Roll here,

“Battle Music” by Andrew Smith

“Scylax” by Andrew Smith

“Fortitude” by Lance Conrad

“Through the Jungle” by Ceiri Torjussen

“Battle Warrior Theme, Good and Evil battle music” bobby cole

“epic battle” Marc Teichert

“Edge of the abyss” Valentine Gribanova

“Anthem to the fallen” Vlado Hudec

“McKnight” and “Haldsworth” by Lance Conrad

“Siddhartha” by Lightstream

“Earth Toners” By Bruce Zimmerman

“Dubstep fight club” Olsekandr Koltov

“Epic Trailer” By Bobby Cole

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