Episode 64 -The Temple of the Gods

No rest for the wicked. Immediately after defeating a legion of undead, the group has to make for the Temple of the Gods. Some challenging conversations ensue.

Ambiance by Syrinscape, “Happy Happy Game Show and Giga Metal” By Loyalty Freak Music, “Story, Chalet and Tired of Life” by medyn. All Audio used under the creative commons license.

Episode 61 – Its a Tree

The guys call for back up then make like a lumberjack and split….some logs.

Ambiance by Syrinscape, “Happy Happy Game Show” By Loyalty Freak Music, “Victory” By Borrtex, “Not Alone” By Lee Rosevere, “Journey” by Borrtex, ” Glimpse of Eternity” and “Blind” by Meydn. All music use under the creative commons licence.