Scylax Episode 10 – As Subtle As A Sledgehammer

Dumos gets the gang in a heap of trouble. Legaia unwraps more than one secret. Things get a tad spicy. Also, if you want to check out rated F you can find them here

“Follow your heart” neil cross “Now or never” Michael Vignola “Sleeping peacefully” Neil cross “Fairies and pixies” Dominic Hausor “Moving emotional paino hero track” daniel bordovsky “The real mystery” Neil Cross “Battle Warrior Theme, Good and Evil battle music” bobby cole, “epic battle” Marc Teichert, “Edge of the abyss” Valentine Gribanova, “Anthem to the fallen” Vlado Hudec, “McKnight” and “Haldsworth” by Lance Conrad, “Siddhartha” by Lightstream, “Earth Toners” By Bruce Zimmerman

Scylax Episode 9 – An Evening At The Theater

And we are back! Time head to the theater and see what the all the hubbub is about.

Also, if you want to check out rated F you can find them here

“Fairies and Pixies” Dominic Hausor; “Let’s Go Shopping” Bobby Cole; “Night Combat Stealth Attack” Rob Mcallister; “Mid Summer Evening” Neil Cross; “Scylax” Andrew Smith

Learning With Logan 5 – Session 0’s

Today we cover a very important topic, Session 0’s and setting the right expectations from the beginning. We sit down with Chris and Simon and hash out some of the techniques, topics, and resources we use when starting new tables.

You can find the Consent in Gaming pdf here,

“This is my Jam” by Will Van De Crommert.

Scylax Episode 8 – One Crazy Night

The team gets some R and R.

Content Warning! The Natural 1 Podcast doesn’t encourage drug use nor does it encourage solving your problems by stabbing people with spears.

“Through the jungle”Ceiri Torjussen

“Scylax” By Andrew Smith

“Rail way sway” Tyler Parker

“Ellipsoidal” Eric Hasting, Goeff Hazelrigg, George Hazelrigg

“Culture flow” Simon Seven, Van Vardoen

“Every minute is an eternity” Lance Conrad

“Atmospheric background music 3” Keith Anthony Holden

“Dazy dayz” Lior Magal

“Searching for hope” Neil Cross