Episode 54 – The Battle For the Stone Bastion

Time to settle accounts with Vot. This episode is entirely combat so strap in and enjoy the dice messing up everyone’s plans.

Ambiance by Syrinscape, “Mushrooms” By Komiku, “00504 bras fanfare” by Robinhood76, “Story, and Tired of Living” by Meydn, “Victory” By Borrtex, “Gigametal” by Loyalty Freak Music. All audio used under the creative commons licence.



Episode 52 – I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For….

In this 2 Part Episode we deal with the repercussions of our actions and Lucian goes for a Solo Round.


Ambiance by Syrinscape, “Mushrooms” By Komiku, “Self Deceived, Beast but not least, Demonization” By XTakeruX, “Victory” By Borrtex, “what lies ahead, distance, and the path” by Cinematic Audio, “Ice Cream with you” by Loyalty Freak Music


Episode 45 – Forest Friends

Now in the Feywild the group encounters a new friend, starts tracking an odd disease, and talks to a forest.

Ambiance by Syrinscape, “Dirty Old Frogg” by Lobo Loco, “Nocturnal, and City Lights” By Chad Crouch, “Horror Suspense” by Rafael Krux “Mushrooms” By Komiku. All songs used under the creative commons license.