Scylax Notes and Misc

Scylax is a homebrewed world inspired by Ancient Greek Mythology. This season we will be playing in Pathfinder 2e instead of Dungeons and Dragons 5e. Notes on the world will be posted here as it develops.

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The Codes mentioned in Ep 9!


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Scylax (2)

10 City States

Rapolis, the largest city state, the forefront of culture, philosophy, drama, and the arts.

Naxdos, a military city state primarily inhabited by Lizardfolk. They use cold logic to defeat their enemies with deadly efficiency. They have recently destroyed three city states, Crotalia, Herimo, Ash and Gold.

Andrine, center for trade. They have some of the largest stockpiles of goods purely because they offer the lowest tax rates for imports. Some people make a living just by buying and selling goods in the grand market.

Dina, the worlds bread basket. They have cultivated flood plains for rice. Ample grazing space makes them perfect for livestock and agriculture. Dina is currently under the protection of Naxdos.

Bampos was a settlement started by people from Rapolis, however with the incredible goods coming from Dina and Rizoy, Bampos is shrinking.

Apake, the home of science and philosophy. It is a protectorate of Rapolis.

Rizoy is exploiting the ample forests around it to make superior ships. The wood is hardened and makes for longer lasting ships.

Demodes is the gates to the gods. The oracle is guarded there as the mountains keep her close to the home of the gods. Currently under the protection of Naxdos.

Epididnae, is a settlement from Rizoy looking to find more space for people to live away from the world.

Abai, the island of the dead. The gates to the underworld are guarded by the dead and the priests of the underworld. Resurrection magic only works on the island.


The Red Legion, a band of mercenaries (Misthios) under the leadership of Polemarch Leitus.

Children of Posiedon, a nomadic group of Orcs, Trolls, and Wolves roaming north of Rizoy.

Dramada, the death cult. A group of wardens guarding the gates to the underworld. They seek out and destroy undeath.


God Domains Weapon Temple Name
Zeus Air, fate, creation, wealth Pick The Temple of Zeus
Hera dreams, healing, family, ambition Dagger The Hospital of Hera
Poseidon water, nature, destruction, might Trident The Pools of Poseidon
Demeter Earth, cities, sun, Staff The Field House of Demeter
Athena knowledge, truth, confidence, nature Long sword The Council of Athena
Apollo fire, sun, healing, dreams Short bow The Golden Chariots of Apollo
Artemis moon, nature, freedom, darkness Long bow The Range of Artemis
Ares pain, zeal, might, destruction Spear The Arena of Ares
Aphrodite passion, perfection, luck, indulgence Whip The Aphrodisias of Aphrodite
Hephaestus creation, fire, magic, secrecy War hammer The Forge of Hephaestus
Hermes freedom, travel, secrecy, protection Flail The Roads of Hermes
Hestia family, cities, fire, creation Scimitar The Homes of Hestia
Dionysus indulgence, passion, wealth, luck Rapier The Spectacle of Dionysus
Hades death, tyranny, undeath, nightmares Scythe The Graves of Hades
Hecate Darkness, magic Wand The Cauldrons of Hecate
Persephone Healing, creation, fate, truth Staff The Storehouses of Persephone