The Artifacts

Minor Spoilers for Ep 16. These are the homebrew magic items made for each player.

















The Nullifier:

Artefact Warhammer

+1 Warhammer with 5 charges. It can cast the following spells: Counterspell (3 charges), Dispel Magic (range reduced to contact with the hammer) (3 charges), Detect magic (1 charge). The weapon uses a +4 to counter/dispel magic higher than 3rd level.   

The Nullifier can use 5 charges to destroy magic items with an attack roll. If the attack hits, it does no damage and destroys 1 magic item of the wielder’s choice.

The Nullifier does double damage to constructs.

The Nullifier regains 1D4 charges each day at dawn.



The Rising Storm:

+1 Great Sword

This custom made Great Sword hums with cracking electricity.

As a bonus action you can change the damage type of The Rising Storm to either Slashing, Thunder, Lightning, or Force damage.

When you critically hit with the Rising Storm you add 1d6 of lightning damage and 1d6 of thunder damage.

While wielding the Rising Storm you gain resistance to Thunder or Lightning damage. During a short rest you can change your resistance type.

Lightning Rod, while wielding the Rising Storm you can use your reaction to catch any incoming lightning damage. You consume ¼ of the lightning damage. If the damage consumed is 4 or more you regain a first lvl spell slot. If the damage is 9 or more you regain a second level spell slot.




A Sharp Wit:

+1 Rapier

This enchanted rapier channels a bards charisma.

While wielding A Sharp Wit a bard can choose to use either their Charisma or Dexterity bonus to attack and damage.

If you choose to use Dexterity the following comes into effect:

1)      A sharp wit acts as your arcane focus, allowing you to cast spells from it;

2)      You gain a second reaction per turn that can only be used for opportunity attacks;

3)      A Sharp wit deals either slashing or piercing damage.

If you choose Charisma the following comes into effect:

1)      A sharp wit acts as your arcane focus and gives +1 to spell attacks;

2)      You gain the use of the Firebolt Wizard Cantrip;

3)      A sharp wit allows you to reroll 1s on any psychic spell attack damage dice.




Sage Advice

+1 Great Axe

This enchanted Great Axe has many chips from centuries of battle.

Sage Advice deals double damage to objects.

Sage Advice has the “thrown” property with a range of 30/90.

Sage Advice lends its centuries of experience to the wielder. While attuned to Sage Advice

 its wielder gains the “Great Weapon Master” and “Alert” feats.