The Bloody hand

Dumos, Human Cleric 3, War Priest of Hades, Rogue Dedication

Dumos is a zealot in the worship of Hades and serves both the Dramada and the Red Legion. The Dramada are a shadowy priesthood who have pledged their lives in the fight against the undead and those who would twist the natural order of things. Dumos takes his duties and worship very seriously. Easily the youngest member of the Red Legion, Dumos makes up for his lack of experience with great enthusiasm.

Legaia, Human Cleric 3, Priest of Dionysus

Legaia found service to Dionysus at a young age. She served for many years in Rapolis, one of the largest city states in Scylax. A capable alchemist, she often scours the wilds for plants with a special property. She is insightful, loving, and secretive about her history. She was forced to leave Rapolis and was pressed into service with the Red Legion.

Oakeanos, Half Orc Fighter 3, Barbarian Dedication

Born in Dina, Okeanos had a childhood rooted in work. Abandoned at a young age Okeanos was taken in by a farmer and shown the value of hard work. Oakeanos took to the steady work of farm life like wheat takes to a field. The events that lead to Oakeanos being forced to leave his farm have not come to light…yet.

Physis, Elf Druid 3, Animal Order

Physis is originally from Bampos. Her early days were spend working the land and helping her family. She has a natural connection to the land and her animal friends. After a series of events that forced Physis into service with the Reg Legion, she found Agamemnon, her deer animal companion. The two have been inseparable ever since. Physis has a talent for tracking and ranging.

Rhexenor, Lizardfolk Champion 3, Paladin of Ares

Rhexenor is a Lizardfolk from the City State of Naxdos. His people are cold, lethal, and direct. Rhex left a life of service to Naxdos in other to pursue adventure and true worship of Ares through the actions of the Red Legion. Rhexenor willingly left for the Red Legion as soon as he was of age to make the decision. Armed with his spear, shield, and zeal for battle, Rhexenor watches over his squad mates while preparing for the next engagement.