The Reaper Pact

The realms are filled with creatures who wish to cheat patron’s. After completing some service to yours, your patron felt it was time to collect on those who tried to escape their bonds. You are charged with collecting those debts on behalf of your patron.

1st cause fear, inflict wounds

2nd ray of enfeeblement, blindness deafness

3rd vampiric touch, speak with dead

4th Blight, death ward

5th Enervation, contagion

Lvl 1: A weapon and a purpose

You become a living embodiment of your patron’s desire to collect their debts.

Your pact choice, either blade, tome, or chain, becomes a symbol of your office under your patron.

Blade: Your pact weapon now has the ability to trap the souls of those you kill. When you kill a creature marked by your patron with your weapon you will capture their soul for your patron. You regain hp equal half of the damage you dealt to the creature this turn.


Tome: Your book of secrets now serves as a means of communication between you and your patron. The tome gives you a direction and a distance to your target at all times.


Chain: Your familiar becomes a master tracker. Your familiar has advantage on perception and survival checks to find your target.


Lvl 6: The beginning of an end

At lvl 6 you gain resistance to B/S/P from attacks from your target.

After a long rest you can choose either nonmaigcal B S or P damage, you gain resistance to that damage for the day. At lvl 10 you can choose 2, at lvl 14, you gain resistance to all three.

Lvl 10: A shade

At lvl 10 you gain incorporeal movement. You can pass through other creatures, and objects as if they were difficult terrain. If you end your turn in an object you take 1d10 force damage.

You no longer have an HP maximum. You no longer roll for HP.

You no longer regain health from long rests, potions, or healing magic. Instead the only thing that will sustain you is the life force of other creatures. When you kill a creature you regain half of the damage you dealt to that creature. If that creature is marked by your patron you regain hp equal to half of the HP maximum of the creature.

You are now vulnerable to radiant damage and can be turned like undead.

As an action, you may spend your HP regain spell slots equal to 4 x spell slot level. If this action takes you to zero HP you will cast the spell before going unconscious.

Lvl 14: A purpose beyond death

At lvl 14 death is merely a nuisance for you. When you reach 0 hp you don’t roll death saving throws, instead you a dismissed for a time before returning to the material plane at a place of your patron’s choosing. You return after 2d20 hours. You return to the material plane with 10 hp.

Your spirit can be corrupted to the point you are unable to return. Keep a running tally of the necrotic damage you have taken. If you take your level x 100 worth of necrotic damage through the course of your adventure your spirit is disrupted to the point you are unable to return.

Lvl 20: the Grim Reaper

This feature replaces the warlock lvl 20 ability. Your Patron bestows on you the ability to summon the Grim Reaper’s Scythe.

You are proficient with the scythe, it is considered a +3 scythe, and deals 3d8 + your Cha modifier necrotic damage. You can use an action to Mark a target you know the full name of in the same way your patron gave you targets. You can only mark 1 target every 7 days. You regain health equal to the damage dealt by the Grim Reaper’s Scythe.


While this is being play tested you cannot multiclass.